Today, 18 educators that have lived or worked in the 99th district’s school districts joined together to form a coalition in support of State Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez in her campaign to retain the 99th House District seat. The coalition, consisting of a range of current and retired teachers and administrators, support Sara because of her commitment to ensuring our local schools get their fair share of state funding.


“I’ve known Sara for many years and I know she will continue to fight for us at the capitol to make sure our schools open on time, even during the state’s financial crisis. She knows that education has to be one of our top priorities and has already supported legislation that proves it,” said teacher Rita Tarr Scheibe.  


“One of the biggest issues facing education today is the effort to attract and retain young teachers. Sara knows this and is fighting to make sure schools across Sangamon county are well prepared to attract new teachers.”- said Jeff Vose, Regional Superintendent of Sangamon-Menard County Schools.


“I am honored to have the support of so many educators in our community.  It is very important that we fix education issues facing the State of Illinois now – rather than later,” said Jimenez.


The list of educators supporting Jimenez include:


Rita Tarr Scheibe Jeff Vose Mike Zimmers Ken Leonard Donna Moore
Tina Jannazzo Karen Fagg Steve Rambach Elizabeth Leonard Becky Metz Leonard
Sue Bracco Shelly Flickinger Cristina Suerdieck Linda Lentz Andy Volpert
Will Cragoe Kathy Harth Agnes Budinger







Over 20 Sangamon County Board members support Sara.

District 1- Tom Fraase, Jr. District 13- Sam Montalbano
District 2- Todd Smith District 14- Joel Tjelmeland, Jr.
District 3- David Mendenhall District 15- Tim Krell
District 4- Jeff Thomas District 16- Greg Stumpf
District 5- Pam Deppe District 17- Annette Fulgenzi
District 6- Sam Snell District 23- Lisa Hills
District 7- Craig Hall District 24- Andy Van Meter
District 8- Lori Williams District 25- George Preckwinkle
District 9- Tom Madonia, Jr. District 26- John O’Neill
District 10- Jason Ratts District 27- Abe Forsyth
District 11- Mike Sullivan District 28- Catie Sheehan
District 12- Linda Fulgenzi District 29- Cathy Scaife