Sara Wojcicki Jimenez was sworn in as the State Representative for the 99th District on December 2, 2015 following the retirement of Raymond Poe. Sara brings a conservative and fresh approach to state government with a record of fiscal responsibility and common sense. In 2011, Sara was elected to the Springfield Park District Board where she held the line on spending during tough economic times.

During Sara’s tenure on the Springfield Park District Board, significant decisions were made to put the Park District on a much stronger financial position than before she was elected to the Board. Sara provided the Board with strong leadership during challenging financial times and played a visioning role in shifting the dynamics of the Park District’s marketing efforts to help make the Springfield Park District a great place for families and the Springfield community to enjoy for years to come.

Sara pledges to bring fresh and innovative leadership to state government. Sara realizes that compromise is necessary to solve the states woes while standing firm with her morals and values.

Jimenez has been a resident of the Springfield area since the age of 5; she attended Cathedral Grade School and Ursuline Academy. She is a graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and the University of Illinois Springfield. Sara worked as a reporter for KHQA in Quincy and WICS in Springfield. She was dedicated to shining a light onto state government and worked tirelessly to keep elected officials accountable to the voters.

Having grown up in Springfield, Sara knows we have the human resources and the infrastructure to be great- we just need to work together to achieve better results and to break the cycle of gridlock and find common ground.

Sara has watched State government from many different angles during her life as a reporter from the outside and a state worker from the inside. She knows there are a lot of passionate people working toward a common goal, but that everyone agrees there is still a lot of work to be done.

As a news reporter for Channel 20, Sara covered the Illinois State Capitol. Her work at the Capitol gave her a unique insight into state government and that experience covering a broken system, knowing we are passing on to the next generation a less prosperous Illinois, is what propelled her to get involved in state government as an employee and ultimately as State Representative. Her commitment to reforming the way government operates is rooted in her work at Channel 20 and her over 30 year residence in Springfield. As State Representative, Sara will be every bit as tough on the career politicians as she was as a reporter covering them to hold them accountable to the people they swore to represent.

Sara is running for State Representative because she wants to be more involved in her community and the hometown she loves. As the mother 3 year old twin-boys, she wants Illinois to head down a better path than the one it is currently on.  Sara believes that it is her generation’s time to step up and serve because the next generation, including her two sons, are depending on it.

Sara Wojcicki Jimenez and her husband, Jose Carlos, currently live in Leland Grove with their 3-year-old twin sons Charlie and Augie.